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Avian flu scares Delhi as more birds die


After Dengue and Chikungunya virus now the capital is scared of bird flu (Avian Flu) virus. After Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab have been found suspected with bird flu cases. Delhi court lambasted the government stating by reducing the Chikungunya and dengue does not mean that you sit comfortably. The death of 15 birds over last 48 hours in Gwalior Zoo is indicating a deadly sign of bird flu virus. However, report of the sample will determine the reason for the death of the birds.

The people has been banned from being near the animal – bird cages in Gwalior Zoo and if the bird flu is reported as the reason for death than the zoo may be closed. Actually, you first traces of bird flu were found in Delhi zoo. Suspiciously at first 9 and then 8 birds were killed. First, the zoo was closed and then the Lake at the District Park.

The growing threat of bird flu among Delhi’s biggest Ghazipur mandi minister arrived here and took stock of preparations to deal with the threat. Until a few days ago Delhi was struggling with dengue and chikungunya and now the people of Delhi are scared bird flu.

The Supreme Court also expressed concern over the litter scattered places in Delhi has said it may increase the risk of bird flu outbreak. The court even said can’t the legislators take responsibility for the cleanliness of their area?

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