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Rahul Rathore, Author at GoodTime Nation

Rahul RathoreJune 28, 2017


New Delhi: If you have not linked your Aadhaar numbers to the PAN card yet, get it done immediately. Because the government has made this mandatory and this rule will be implemented from July 1. The government has also issued notification for changes in the income tax rules. Now aadhaar number is mandatory to get a new PAN number from July 1.

While revising the finance bill Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had made the aadhaar compulsory for those filing income tax returns for 2017-18. Apart from this, it was also mandatory to connect the pan with the aadhaar number, which would prevent fraud through the use of many PAN cards.

The Department of Revenue has said that every person, who has been provided PAN number from July 1, 2017, will have to give the information of the Aadhaar number to the Income Tax Department under the provisions of section 139AA sub-section-2 of Income Tax.

The Revenue Department, while amending Section 114 of the IT Act, said that this rule would be implemented from 1 July 2017. According to an estimate, about 2.07 crore taxpayers have linked the basis with the PAN. A total of 111 million people has aadhaar in the country, whereas only 25 crore people have PAN cards. Recently, the provisions of the IT Act were upheld by the High Court, although it was banned until the judgment was passed by the Constitution Bench of the High Court.

Now if you do not complete the work of linking your Aadhar and pan card by July 1, your pancard can be rejected. In such a situation, you can not file your income tax return in the current financial year, as the aadhaar and PAN card has been made mandatory for filling tax returns.

Significantly, there are more than 24.37 crores pancard in the country, and the aadhaar card of more than 113 crores has been made. Of these, only 2.87 crore people submitted tax returns during 2012-13. 2.87 crore people filed a tax return in these 1.62 crore people but did not pay a single rupee tax. That’s because a large number of individuals steal taxes or avoid tax.

So, to increase the tax collection in the country, the Income Tax Department has made aadhaar linking mandatory for filing returns. After this linking, it will be easy to stop fraud.


Rahul RathoreJune 18, 2017


Brand Amma is going to be bigger now. The AIADMK government has announced on Friday that it is going to open Amma Petrol pumps in several parts of the state including Chennai. State Food and Consumer Protection Minister R Kamaraj said that this facility would be started in government godowns.

The Civil Supplies Department has 221 warehouses in the state.Minister R Kamaraj said, keeping in mind the needs of the people, we will start the petrol pump with the oil marketing companies. At the moment, these outlets will be opened in 9 districts of the state.

Ten petrol pumps outlets will be opened at Chennai, Nagapattinam, Salem, Thanjavur, Madurai, Villupuram, Vellore, Thiruvarur and Karur, food and civil supplies minister R. Kamaraj said

In the tenure of former state Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the government had started a scheme called ‘Amma’ because her supporters called Jaya as Amma. This includes plans related to a canteen, drinking water, cement, salt, baby care kits, call centres and pharmacy. The Minister of State has always been proud of the achievements of Amma Schemes. So far 111 Amma Pharmacy has been opened in the state, where consumers get medicines with a discount of 15%.

Amma canteen which was inaugurated in 2013, serves South Indian food including idli, saambar rice, curd rice, Pongal, lemon rice, curry leaf rice and also chappati. The dishes are offered at low prices: ₹1 for an idli, ₹5 for a plate of sambar rice, ₹5 for a plate of “Karuvapellai Satham” (Curry leaves rice) and ₹3 for a plate of curd rice.

All the scheme under Amma is offered at a subsidised rate, though Minister R Kamaraj have not said anything about the subsidy on the fuel provided under this scheme.


Rahul RathoreMarch 10, 2017


WhatsApp which disappointed most of its user due to its new stories feature and removal of status option seems to have listened to its user. WhatsApp Status the most loved feature which was removed after the launch of Instagram/Snapchap like Stories feature is now back again. WhatsApp has rolled out this feature for Beta testers of Android, and may soon roll this option for all the users.

Many on social media criticized the Stories feature, and according to the press report, this is considered as one of the main reason to roll out the option back. The Stories feature still available as the option while the status option is accessible on the dotted menu under settings section.

WhatsApp Status Update is Back

Also, WhatsApp has updated the text box with a new design and had added attachment option with the text box. Earlies textbox was in the square, and the attachment of media was available at the top.

WhatsApp Status Updated New text box
New text box
Attachment option in top and Old Text Box
Attachment option in top and Old Text Box

Video calling option is also readily available than before. Earlier voice and video calling were available under call logo. Now both the features are separated and standing out. If you are eagerly waiting for Whatsapp status feature. Download the beta version of Whatsapp Status from APK mirror site.

Rahul RathoreMarch 7, 2017


The Trump Administration has issued a new order regarding Travel Visa Ban in the US. According to this, the new visa will not be issued to those coming from six Muslim-majority countries. But those who already have a visa or green card will not be banned. Iraq has got the relief from the new order.

Relief to Iraq
This new order of Trump administration will apply to those coming from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.
In the order issued in January, Iraq was also placed on this list. But now Iraq is not on this list.

New order will be implemented from March 16
Measure have been taken to avoid the inconvenience which was caused at the airport last time, all the agencies have been given ten days, and this new order will be applicable from March 16. The last time people who had visa and green card were also being stopped. After that, there was a lot of ruckus in the whole world.

Restriction will be applicable for 90 days
Under this order, these restrictions will be applicable for up to 90 days, and during this time the information provided by each country included in the list will be examined as to how much of those are correct. After that, those countries will be given more than 50 days to improve their process of collecting information.

The court had imposed a ban on the first order
President Trump had issued the order first in January, But the court had banned the order, and now this order has been issued again, after the removal of legal complications. The Homeland Security or Home Minister of the United States said: “These rules will protect the United States and it will be effective in removing the worries about our immigration system.”

Rahul RathoreMarch 2, 2017


Telecom major Bharti Airtel and network equipment maker Nokia has chosen to seek after its innovation association with the mission towards 5G technology and connected devices.

Nokia said in a statement that under the new agreement, both companies concentrate on 5G network connectivity and will work on the development of new services. The details of the financial aspect of the deal have not been disclosed. Bharti Airtel Director (Network Services) Abhay Savargaonkar said: “The 5G and IoT applications have tremendous potential to transform lives and we are pleased to partner with Nokia to enable these future technologies for our customers.”

Sanjay Malik, Head of India Market, Nokia, “After our successful association with Bharti Airtel for 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, we are proud to partner to prepare for the future of mobile networks. We will leverage our global experience in 5G-related industry projects and collaborations to enable Bharti Airtel to prepare their networks for greater capacity, coverage and speed.”

Jay Chen, CEO of Huawei India said the Indian telecom companies to adopt 5G technology will begin this year. This technology in its current form can provide a download speed of up to 1000 Mbps. He added, “In India, MIMO technology will be adopted this year. We have talked with the major telecom companies that are interested in it. currently, the implementation of this technology is commercially available with Huawei only.

Airtel Announces Free Roaming Across India

Reliance Jio partner with Israel-based company Airspan to provide 5G Technology

Nationwide free 4G Internet and calling services provider RJio is also planning to launch 5G Internet Service soon in India. Reliance will accomplish this work in partnership with the Israel-based company Airspan. To provide 5G internet speed both will deploy small cells.

These small cells would be able to carry 350 terabyte data as well as the cells will be able to carry about 5 million VoLTE calls every day. After these cells are deployed carrier can give high-speed Internet, voice and digital Services.

Reliance Jio President Mathew Oommen Said, “we are working to meet the demand for high-speed internet for the people of the country. Together we have created new products which can provide 5G Internet. Now most companies due to heavy data demands are moving towards 5G technology, such strategy, design, development is the need. To meet the needs of 5G Jio and Airspan is partnering.”

Rahul RathoreFebruary 27, 2017


Barcelona: Chinese telecom company ZTE has launched the world’s first 5G smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017).
The company claims that Gigabit is the first smartphone that can download at a speed of 1 gigabit per second. By 2020, it is expected that 5G technology will be used in the whole world.

First 5G smartphone launched by any company. The phone will have speed 10 times better than 4G services. The phone has 360 degree panoramic virtual reality video feature and a support to download ultra-fast hi-fi music and video. According to ZTE, the new device, a way to connect people to each other will change forever. Focus on 5G technology will be one of the main priorities of the ZTE’s Global Development team. Company’s Tech Team is focusing on products that can support to 5G. Fifth-generation network connectivity is expected to intensify those who are accustomed of streaming movies and TV directly to the phone.

According to Mobile expert Thomas Hassan, “ZTE was showcasing this phone as an Innovation and which is be able to download the full movie in seconds. But it is unlikely to have much higher sales.” He added
The truth is that this smartphone will not work for customers. As 5G and virtual reality will take years to reach most customers.”

Rahul RathoreFebruary 23, 2017


US space agency NASA scientists have claimed about finding another solar system. These are Earth-sized Seven Planet. NASA claimed that among seven three has possibilities of life and can have the ocean on these planets. Here’s what the scientist of NASA claimed the possibilities of life on these newly discovered planets.

These planets are the size of Earth
NASA tweeted that is a new record. Residential zone outside our solar system around stars. Seven new planets the size of Earth are found. Spitzer Space Telescope found that they are as big as the planet Earth in size and can be expected to have a residential zone.

Possibility of existence of Aliens
NASA scientists claim that this three planet have a sea. NASA also claimed that there are chances of water as on earth. Every possibility of the existence of Aliens.

How these Planet Works?
Seven planets in the new solar system have the size of Earth. These planets move around Trappist-1 in the orbit. Six of 7 Planet has the temperature ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

What is the USP?
Years on this three Planet is of 4, 6 and 9 days. Which means all three the planets takes 4, 6 and 9 days to complete the orbit around the sun (The Trappist). These three are the part from Planet Earth. Dr Chris Copperwheat leading this team from NASA said: “The discovery has boosted the possibilities of life in the universe beyond Earth in the future.”

How important is this Discovery
Discovery of these new group of planets has been described as the greatest discoveries in the world of science. The new solar system is 39 light years away from Earth (378 million km). However, it’s may take more than a decade to explore these planets and find the existence of life.

What is the composition of these planets?
These newly discovered solar systems have the smallest Sun Trappist-1 around which these planets revolves. Trappist is slightly larger than Jupiter in our solar system. The light from the sun is 200 times less. Scientists estimate that when the fuel will end in the sun then Earth will be destroyed. But this planet will exist. Trappist hydrogen gas is burning slowly. Which means it will exist 700 times higher than the current age of the universe to do.

Rahul RathoreFebruary 20, 2017


Bangalore: Waaris has made a mark amongst the audience with its gripping storyline about a girl who is portrayed as a boy to the world. The makers have decided on a leap and roped in Actress Farnaz Shetty to play grown-up protagonist Manu. Just like child artiste Sania Touqueer, Farnaz too will be seen dressed as a boy. Farnaz who was is exceptionally talented believes in taking challenges and agreed to do the show even though the character won’t do justice to her beauty.

Says the actress, “I want to be known for my work and not my beauty alone. I am very excited about this role, as one rarely gets to play such unconventional characters.” Also Read – SRK to Remake Breaking Bad as a Bollywood Film.

The actress has been roped in to play the grown-up Manu (played by Sania Touqueer), the show’s central character, post a 10-year time leap. Which means that Aarti Singh will be seen playing a mother to a 19 year old on-screen! What one can look forward to is the on-screen chemistry between the two ladies.

Farnaz further adds, “When I was called for the auditions, I went dressed in a Kurta and kada borrowed from my brother. So I knew what I was getting into. Now that I am on board, I am working on voice modulation and body language. I want to understand the character fully. The story is beautifully written, and the characters are also compelling.”

Farnaz Shetty started her career with a show on Sony TV called Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat. Her role in “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera” made her very popular. Tune into Waaris from Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm only on &TV.

Rahul RathoreFebruary 17, 2017


The Supreme Court in its judgment on Tuesday convicted the AIADMK General Secretary V. K. Sasikala in a 20-year-old disproportionate assets case. She has been sentenced to four years jail term. Though the verdict has put her out of the Chief Minister’s race for a decade, she has garnered sufficient supporters to rule her legacy.

The political instability has considerably affected the state and its people. Though the crisis has come to an end with the appointment of Edappadi K Palaniswami as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the upheaval caused in these days have left a blot on the political history. However, this has raised questions about the integrity of the ministers, including the former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam and General Secretary Sasikala.

While the turmoil persisted in the state and social media ranted over the nomination of Sasikala as the Chief Minister, Sasikala transferred her supporting MLAs to the Golden Bay Resort. The divide between the two most pivotal members of the AIADMK party – Sasikala and Panneerselvam – was evident when the latter resigned from his post and declared publicly, “I was insulted and forced to resign as the Chief Minister.”

In the end, none of the chaos or arguments is for the public. It’s only for the position. The ugly political battle in Tamil Nadu coaxed me to scribe on this issue. Below are the certain unanswered questions battling within me that made me realise the deteriorating politics level in our country:

1. When OPS said, he was forced to resign and insulted by ministers.

How can the Chief Minister be compelled to resign? And if it happened, then why didn’t he keep a press conference before resigning? Why did he wait for two days to share this information with the public? Some of us will say that when you are locked in a room with a gun pointing your face, you are compelled to take such decisions, but then what is the guarantee that OPS will not do such things again?

If Chief Minister is under threat, imagine the case of citizens. It would hurt us, in the long run, if Tamil Nadu CM does a particular agreement under pressure that would affect the public.

Can we even afford to have such a Chief Minister who takes a decision under pressure? Should we elect such ministers who remained silent when OPS was being threatened and at the end, dodged on the other side?

2. When one of the OPS supporters said, they were asked to sign on blank paper.

What a shame when a minister tries to rectify his mistake by using such statements. How can a Minister / MLA sign on blank paper? Can we even trust such representatives?

None of the ministers who complained about political pressure for signing papers has filed a report. They have accepted publicly in media, but no legal action was adopted.

If the police don’t listen to Minister on these important issues, then what are the chances that the police will hear to ordinary citizens?

3. When Sasikala kept the MLAs in resort, but MLAs declined it

Can the candidates be kept in a resort without any access? Definitely, no. You cannot incarcerate ministers just to prove strength. However, there was a twist as few MLAs accepted being kept under coercion while others denied it.

There is a possibility that these MLAs were also threatened to support Sasikala. How can we trust such emissaries to work for the society without being scared? This level of politics is not deserved by the people. The Chief Minister’s post has become an object being dragged from one leader to another. Such leaders are an example because of which young aspiring leaders are either misled or misunderstood by the people.

Sasikala could have been arrested under kidnapping charges immediately but thanks to our chosen representatives who failed to accept the truth legally. They neglected to realise how their confinement has brought the entire state to a halt.

Scarcity of political options

This level brings forth a huge debate on what basis we select our leaders. On one side we encourage young leaders without political experience but determination and honesty to work for the public, and on the other end, we choose a leader without political experience but on emotional grounds.

The latter case was quite similar with Sasikala’s nomination for the Chief Minister. It was palpable that her selection was by her support to Jayalalithaa, but people were mourning her jail term failed to either understand or blindly ignore her course of action in the past few days. Surprisingly, they are saddened by her conviction but not disappointed over her involvement in the corruption case.

To develop a state/nation, the leader needs to be competent in planning, decision-making and leadership skills. And not just choose anyone random because of the requirement of the party. The people deserve better because it’s their money and they want it to be used for their state development.

PS: This is my general opinion, and it’s not favouring or defaming any leader. I would be happy to know the view of readers.

Rahul RathoreFebruary 11, 2017


One of the most influential and powerful chief ministers, J Jayalalitha, died on 5th December 2015. The prominent personalities had requested the Supreme Court to probe into the death matter of J Jayalalitha. P H Pandian one of the oldest members of the party has also asked for the probe after the clashes of O Pannerselvam and Sasikala for Tamilnadu CM. Supreme court also received PIL for her death matter.

In this regard, a video has gone viral claiming Jayalalitha dead body was brought to Apollo. One of the Apollo doctors had declared that Jayalalitha was already dead when she was brought to the hospital. The doctor came out and spoke after she has resigned from Apollo hospital. She also stated that she is ready to face any kind probe. The video was released by Dinamalar, a leading daily in Tamilnadu, on their youtube channel.

Watch the video here:

The Apollo Hospital in the press conference earlier this week stated that “Jayalalitha had sepsis— an infection with serious consequences— and died of a cardiac arrest. “Sepsis can affect quickly, and a person can fall sick within hours. Bacterial infection was the underlying problem,”

Doctor Richard Beale was one of the doctors who was operating J Jayalalitha. He also said in the press conference that Jayalalitha condition had improved initially and she was interacting. After she had suffered a cardiac arrest on 4 December, “at about 5 pm, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was started immediately,” Dr. Babu said. “When the CPR failed, we put her on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). We needed to give the patient time of about 24 hours after we put her on ECMO,” Babu added.

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