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Aparnna HajirnisJuly 10, 2017


India has now turned to the US, up to now relying on the Gulf countries for energy needs. India’s largest arms provider America will now export oil to India.

India, the world’s third largest oil importer, has entered into a settlement to import oil from the US. This first consignment of oil is anticipated to reach India in October. This settlement is taken into account because of the influence of PM Modi’s current visit to America and meeting with Trump.

The public sector company Indian Oil Company (IOC) has made this settlement within a couple of weeks of PM Modi’s visit to America. Throughout PM Modi’s visit to America, President Donald Trump had stated that the US is contemplating the export of energy products to India.

IOC Director (Finance) A. K Sharma stated, “We’ve bought 2 million barrels of crude oil from North America. American Mars Crude and 4,00,000 Barrels Western Canadian are included. US Mars is a thick, excessive sulphur grade crude, which will likely be processed within the IOC’s Paradip Refinery situated in Odisha. He stated, ‘If the transport prices are added then the acquisition of American crude oil may be very cost-competitive for us. Sharma said that if the market circumstances will be beneficial for such a purchase, then the company would purchase extra crude oil from the US.

This is the first time that India has made a settlement with the US for oil. Different countries such as China and Korea are also importing crude oil from the US whereas not buying from the Gulf countries. Till two years in the past, America couldn’t sell oil to any nation apart from Canada. Up to now three years, after the massive fall in oil costs, the Obama administration eased the way to sell oil to the Asian countries to save lots of oil firms from bankruptcy.


Aparnna HajirnisJune 28, 2017


Indian Railways is going to make changes in many rules from July 1 for the comfort of their passengers.

New Delhi: If you travel by train then this news is for you because, from July 1, Indian Railways is going to make many changes in its rules. Its direct impact is on the train passengers. Let’s know what rules will change and what will affect you.

50% Refund on cancellation of Tatkal tickets

At present, there is no refund on cancelling the tatkal ticket. From July 1, you will get a refund of up to 50 percent for cancelling the tatkal ticket. Along with the facility, the passenger will get 50 percent refund on returning the tickets booked on suvidha trains. For this, refund charges will be deducted at Rs. 100 for AC-2, 90 rupees on AC-3 and Rs 60 per passenger at sleeper.

Changes in other rules of refund

If any passenger has an e-ticket and if the train is cancelled, then it will not be necessary to fill the ticket deposit receipt (TDR) now. The refund will automatically come into the account. Also, for cancelling the RAC tickets, if the ticket is cancelled half an hour before the train departure, the cancellation charges will be deducted, and the refund will be given.

Passenger can now choose language and berth/seat option now on IRCTC

Currently English is the only language available while booking online tickets from IRCTC. But, from 1 July, the passenger will also be provided with other languages option while booking a train ticket on IRCTC. Also, passengers will now be able to choose a ticket according to their convenience and liking when booking tickets.

Paperless tickets in the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains

Starting July 1, the paperless ticketing system is going to start in Indian Railways, starting with the Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains. Passengers travelling in Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains will not get a paper ticket, but tickets will be sent to your mobile. Additionally, Railways will provide fast food on demand to Passengers travelling on this train.

Confirm tickets will be available in trains

Now the hassle of the waiting list in the railway is going to end. Suvidha train to run from the railway side will be provided with confirmed tickets for the passenger. For this, the Railways will run the suvidha trains from July 1 on the lines of Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto and Mail-Express trains. The number of coaches in the Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains is also going to be increased. This will also confirm RAC tickets.

Without Aadhaar No Concession will be given

Now for the concessional tickets in the railway, the Aadhaar card has been made compulsory from July 1. Aadhaar card is mandatory for several concessions like Senior Citizen, Women’s quota. You will have to provide the Aadhaar number while taking tickets from the online and reservation counter.

Flexi Fair system shutdown on July 1

Railways introduced the Flexi Fair system on the lines of aeroplanes, which was on trial for six months. But it is being withdrawn after the plan has failed completely. The Indian railway is now replacing the railway power coach with passenger coaches in the premium, the Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains on the trial base.

Aparnna HajirnisJune 26, 2017


New Delhi: With less than a week left for GST implementation across the nation. Individual and companies in most of the states are yet to complete the enrollment process for the GST. The government have given 3 months time for existing taxpayers to enrol under GST, while the new business resignation will be made under GST only.

As per the data on GST site, Karnataka and Telangana are the states where the GST enrollment is 100% complete. While Assam, Punjab, Rajasthan and Kerala will touch the 100% status very soon.

Gujarat where the clothing industry is angry over the new tax slab of 5% percent. Cloth markets in Gujarat today observed bandh against the Centre’s proposed 5 per cent levy on these two items under the new tax regime. Cloth market across the cities in Gujarat remained shut demanding to roll back of GST imposed on yarn and fabric.

New registration of GST is now available on https://reg.gst.gov.in/registration/. If you have enrolled but had some issues to complete the process can now re-apply with proper validation.

Aparnna HajirnisJune 22, 2017


Bengaluru has become the first city in the country where diesel, will be transported to the people house same as the milk, newspaper. Recently, the Central Government as per the news was planning to launch such a scheme, but it has not happened yet.

Started a year ago, MyPetrolPump Startup has introduced this feature called ‘Dieselwala’. This startup has just launched three vehicles, whose capacity is 950 litres. So far, 5 thousand litres of diesel deliveries have been done through these three vehicles. The diesel is being provided with that day’s price and fixed delivery charges to the people.

Up to 100 litres, the delivery charge of 99 for diesel is set. For this, people have to pay diesel price and more than Rs 1 per litre. The startup has got 20 more customers, out of which there are 16 schools (250-300 buses), and some are apartments. To order diesel at home, anyone can order it online, phone calls or download a free app.

Student of IIT Dhanbad and Founder of MyPetrolPump Ashish Kumar Gupta said, “We are in touch with the Petroleum Ministry since September 2016. After explaining to the officials about our plans, we met twice minister Dharmendra Pradhan. He appreciated this beginning.”


Aparnna HajirnisMay 16, 2017


Who says beauty pageants are all about beauty? Well, this year’s Miss USA Kara Mccullough from the District Of Columbia has a resume that will put a rest to all these allegations. Over the years beauty pageants have garnered a lot of hate from people for its racist, sexist and misogynist nature. People argued that only ‘beauties’ were crowned as ‘queens’, and there was no place for brains in a beauty pageant. People are of the view that a beauty queen can’t talk about social issues or issues of public relevance.

Well, we have Kara to prove everyone wrong. Kara, who was crowned as Miss USA 2017 two days ago is indeed a beauty with brains and has proven it. The judges were astounded with her replies, and we couldn’t help being awestruck too. The fact that she doesn’t identify herself as a ‘feminist’ but as an ‘equalist’ may have ruffled a few feathers, but nevertheless, she has certainly proven why she is where she is today.

  1. Kara Mccullough is a scientist at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.McCullough - Miss USA 2017
  2. She has a degree in Chemistry with a concentration on radiochemistry from the prestigious South Carolina State University.Miss USA 2017
  3. While most models and pageants choose to straighten their hair for endorsements and ramp shows, she wore her hair with natural curls during the Miss USA pageant.Miss USA 2017 From DC
  4. She is a part and funds an outreach program science program for children.
  5. The Reigning Miss USA Is Also From DCMiss USA 2017 from DC

Well now that you know, next time you meet a pageant winner, you might want to keep your judgements to yourself and not discount someone by their choices. Beauty pageants have empowered millions of women across the globe. Let’s hope they continue doing so.

Aparnna HajirnisMay 12, 2017


The year 2016 proved to be a bad omen for most relationships in tinsel town. One of the ones to have been hit badly by it were Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan who ended their marriage after 18 years.

Theirs was a fairy-tale romance followed by marriage, and soon the couple became parents to a baby boy. However, all was not well in their paradise. News of their marriage hitting the rocks started doing rounds way back in 2011-2012. It was rumoured that Malaika Arora was involved in an extramarital affair with actor Arjun Kapoor. Needless to say, Salman Khan was the one who supported and helped Arjun gain a foothold in Bollywood. But sources say that Salman and Bhabhi Malaika were never on talking terms. What’s strange is Arjun was also rumoured to be dating Salman’ sister Arpita Khan, who is now happily married. Whilst several efforts were made to keep the marriage intact, 2015 was the year when it was all out in the open.

Malaika reportedly moved out of the house she shared with Arbaaz and started living separately. She was even rumoured to have been dating a British businessman, but it hasn’t been confirmed. Pictures surfaced of Arbaaz socialising with a Goa-based restaurant owner and socialite Yellow. This pretty much seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. Even though the couple initially denied any trouble in their paradise, the truth finally came out in the open. There was also rumours of the couple giving them two- decade long marriage another shot, but nothing seemed to work. They turned up together for several events and social gatherings and happily posed for the shutterbugs.

They were recently spotted at the Justin Bieber concert along with their son. The very next day, we were hit with the news that Malaika and Arbaaz’s wedding has been dissolved finally. We wish the couple best wishes in their future endeavours.

Aparnna HajirnisMay 11, 2017


In 2009 filmmaker Boney Kapoor, Sridevi, Prabhudheva and Salman Khan were involved in a copyright infringement case. A local court in Meerut had charged the ‘Wanted’ team with plagiarism. The case was filed by a local writer and director named Birbal Singh Rana, who alleged that Boney Kapoor and his team had stolen his original script and adapted into a film (Wanted). Birbal had given a statement that he had submitted his written work to the production house, but they had rejected it and later used it to make their film. His work was titled ‘Raja Bhai IPS’. After a period of almost seven years, Boney has finally been acquitted of all charges and has won the case against Birbal Singh Rana. Boney also accused Birbal of blackmailing him and demanding an out-of-court settlement for 75 lakhs.

Boney, who was recently attending the Justin Bieber concert with wife Sridevi and daughter Jhanvi, spoke to the media about this verdict. He said that he spearheaded the concept of making Hindi remakes of local films in Bollywood. He further added that he has bought official rights of 16 movies and remade them. He had officially acquired the rights of ‘Pokiri’ the original version of ‘Wanted’. He had got permissions from Prabhudheva, the director and Puri Jagannadh, the producer of the film.

Boney, also said that this case in no way will stand in his way of ever making the sequel to ‘Wanted’. He says whenever he has the script ready, he will take ‘Wanted 2’ on floors and that Salman Khan will be very much a part of it. The ‘Tevar’ film-maker also said that he cannot imagine the sequel to ‘Wanted’ being made without Salman Khan. Boney’s next film ‘Mom’ starring Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be releasing on 7th July 2017.

Aparnna HajirnisApril 28, 2017


After a very public spat between comedians Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, rumours are rife that Krushna Abhishek is set to replace Sunil Grover. The fight took place on a flight when Kapil Sharma in an inebriated state hurled abuses at a crew member. Sunil, who was also travelling with Kapil stepped in as a mediator, but Sharma slapped him as well. A fight ensued between the two severing the long- standing camaraderie the two comedians shared. They even got into an argument on Twitter, leading to several speculations as to what transpired on the flight. Post the fight along with Sunil, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar also left the show.

Ever since Sunil Grover left the Kapil Sharma show, there was a buzz in the industry that he might soon land up on his show as he still has his show. According to sources, Sunil Grover has been approached to host the next season of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega.

Krushna Abhishek has also had his stint on television as a comedian. Well, let’s hope this association is fruitful and doesn’t end on a sad note like the previous one did.

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