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ATM Card Safety Tips: Keep these things in mind while withdrawing money from ATM, carelessness will be heavy


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How to prevent Debit Card Fraud at ATMs? Often bank customers fall prey to ATM Fraud due to negligence. To avoid ATM fraud, banks keep alerting customers (Bank Alert). But, if some things are kept in mind, ATM fraud can be avoided. Cardholders should conduct ATM transactions in complete secrecy to avoid any ATM-cum-debit card fraud. Let’s know how you can avoid ATM fraud.

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Keep changing ATM PIN at regular intervals for customer precaution and security. Also when entering a PIN, remember the security transaction number instead of writing it on the card or anywhere else.

Press the cancel button
Every ATM machine has a cancel button. You should press the cancel button after every transaction. This will not hack your card. Please tell that often people are negligent in pressing the cancel button, but it can be overwhelming.

Do not rush in the transaction
Always do transactions at empty ATMs. Avoid in a crowded place or inside a bank branch. Also avoid using ATMs located in secluded places. The thugs fit a fake card reader on the card reader of the ATM machine and put a scanner on the keyboard to find the password. In such a situation, you can fall prey to them.

Take no help
Do not seek help from any unknown person at the ATM. If you are having difficulty in withdrawing cash from the ATM, then the guard deployed in the security of the ATM can be taken. Do not trust anyone else.

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Do cardless transactions
Nowadays, many banks are offering cardless transactions at ATMs. If your bank has also given this service, then definitely use it. This will prevent you from skimming the card.


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