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Atal Pension Yojana is allowed to reduce the premium, how can it work


new Delhi: The Atal Pension Yojna was launched by the government for people working in low income (LIG) and unorganized sector. This scheme of the government is quite popular among the people, but now the government is going to make a big mess in it.

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Changes can be made in Premium- Under the Atal Pension Yojana, if the account holders want to change the amount of their premium, then they can do this anytime of the year. According to PFRDA, APY shareholders will be able to change their income and APY premium in this arrangement. The organization can consider their request at any time. Earlier account holders could only do this in the month of Arail. By the way, under Atal Pension Yojna (APY), any person can get maximum 5000 rupees monthly i.e. 60 thousand rupees annually. You know that under the Atal Pension Yojana, about 2.28 crore shareholders are registered.

What is Process – If you want to downgrade or upgrade, you will have to fill in a form and inform the bank. The difference that will be made on downgrading will be credited to your account.

How to do online You can also do this work sitting at home, but keep in mind that you will have to visit different links for more or less both works. For example, to upgrade APY account i.e. to increase the premium, you need https://npslite-nsdl.com/CRAlite/APYUPDNGradeView.do Must visit the link. Whereas downgrade means to reduce premium https://npslite-nsdl.com/CRAlite/APYDNGradeView.do Must visit the link.

Similarly to do this work offline, you
https://npscra.nsdl.co.in/nsdl/forms/Form_to_Upgrade-Downgrade_Pension_under_APY.pdf This form will have to be filled up with the latest information and given to the bank.

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