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Asha Bhosle is spending time remembering the old days, said – this is the time to live together


Country veteran singer Asha Bhosle says that the global pandemic of Kovid-19 is teaching us the lesson of strength in unity. The singer recently ventured into the digital world with her official YouTube channel.

He told, “I am living with my family. I am with my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter and we are having a great time together. We are not always on the phone, but are spending a better time looking at old photos and remembering old things. ”

By spending time together in this way, she is reliving her childhood memories. He told, “When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time together with my mother and siblings. After my father’s death, my family faced a financially difficult phase, but when we sang together, told stories to each other, the atmosphere was quite pleasant. The thing is that with money you can buy luxury, but not comfort, peace is with loved ones. ”

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She adds, “Where we stand today, this difficult moment is reminding us of our traditional Indian culture and learning from it, who believes in living as a community. Our society and family can only develop when we support each other. In earlier times we did not earn a lot of money, but instead of worrying about low income, we used to find happiness in small things. We have to adopt the same trend again, which we have been bypassing so far because we have been involved in the race to make things more and more available nowadays. ”

Let me tell you that Asha Bhosle launched her YouTube channel on May 13 and she is very excited to share her experiences in it.

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