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Apple’s new initiative! Bringing 3 layer special face masks to protect you from Corona, know the characteristics of this mask


new Delhi. An epidemic such as the corona virus has now spread rapidly throughout the world. Due to which many people have come to the end of death and have died. The government is doing everything possible to fight the war of this epidemic, and is also sending a message to the people about how important it is to wear face masks and follow social distancing to avoid this disease. But in the meantime, Apple Inc has designed an Apple face mask which is the most special mask of all time. This company has made this mask only for its employees. And among them the company has started distributing masks.

The biggest feature of this Apple face mask is that this mask has been designed by the same engineers of Apple who are designing the iPhone and the iPad. This mask is called a Clear Mask. This mask has been prepared with a different technique.

To prepare this face mask, three layers have been used so that the number or particles entering and leaving the mouth pass through the filter. In addition, it can be used at home by washing it 5 times.

  • This mask is made in such a way that it covers the bottom and both sides well above the nose and chin.
  • It fits in the ears of the person in such a way that he does not feel pain.
  • Many precautions have been taken while making this face mask. Many tests and research have been done on this so that the air can filter through.
  • Apple has started sending face masks to their employees taking care of their safety.

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