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Another great achievement by Jeff Bezos, increased assets by 14 thousand crores by 97 thousand crores in 1 day


new Delhi : It is said that if the above one gives, then it makes a splash, this is what is happening with the CEO of Amazon. The whole world of Coronavirus is upset. All the jobs are going on in the atmosphere of uncertainty due to the closure of the business. Jeff Bezos) are achieving a new achievement every day. On Monday, in just 1 day, with an increase of 13 billion dollars, which is about 97 thousand crore rupees, whose assets have become a total of 14 lakh crores. On Monday, Amazon shares increased by 7.9%, which is the biggest increase since December 2018.

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Actually coronavirus ( coronavirus ) Due to online shopping (73%) has been increased a lot in online shopping this year due to which the wealth of Jeff Bezos is continuously increasing.

Property worth Rs 14 lakh crore – According to the latest data, send his assets have touched the figure of 14 lakh crores and at the moment Send his assets are more than the total market value of ExxonMobil Corp, Nike (Nike) McDonald (Macdonald). Let you know that send His ex-wife Mackenzie’s wealth has also increased by 4.6 billion and has now become the 13th richest person in the world.

It is not only that there has been an increase in assets, but also that Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg has increased by $ 15 billion in assets. The increase in assets of Zuckerberg also becomes important because many Facebook ad has been cut by companies.


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