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Anil Ambani’s companies made investors rich, gave 3 times return in 3 months


New Delhi. The business condition of Anil Ambani, who was once one of the richest people of the world, has been going very bad for some time. Two or three times they have avoided going to jail for not paying their debts. But in the past few months, the shares of his companies have performed many times better than expected. The direct effect of this was that the market value of Anil Ambani Group companies has increased. Three of his group companies have tripled investors’ money.

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This is the reason for the acceleration

Actually, a company of Anil Ambani Group has recently introduced new plans to raise funds. Apart from this, another company has received 70 bids for its properties. Several companies have shown interest to buy Reliance Capital’s general insurance, health insurance, life insurance and security businesses. This had a positive effect on the shares of their companies and the market value is increasing continuously. The market capitalization of Anil Ambani group companies Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Power and Reliance Capital has more than doubled in the last 20 trading days.

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Reliance Capital

The stock of Reliance Capital was at Rs 11.56 last three months. Today the trading rate of this stock is Rs 27.47. The stock has given investors 137.6 per cent profit in three months. According to the information, you cannot get 137.6 percent return in three months from any other investment option.

Reliance Infrastructure

The share value of Reliance Infrastructure has nearly tripled in the last three months. Three months ago it was at Rs 36.2. Today’s rate is Rs 107.05. That is, in these three months, the company’s stock gave a return of about 196 percent and almost tripled the investors’ money. At present, the market capital of Reliance Infrastructure is around Rs 2,838 crore.

Reliance Power

Similarly, the stock of Reliance Power was at Rs 4.49 three months ago. Today it reached Rs 17.04. That is, this stock has given even stronger returns in 3 months. If seen, the stock of Reliance Power has given a huge return of 279.5 percent in the last three months. If someone had shares of Reliance Power worth Rs 1 lakh 3 months ago, then their value has become Rs 3.79 lakh as of today.

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Web Title: Anil Ambani Companies Made Investors Rich, Gave 3 Tmes Return In 3 Months

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