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Airtel ran 7 percent after Supreme Court decision, 13 percent fall in Vodafone Idea


new Delhi. The Supreme Court has given 10 years relief to the telecom companies in the AGR case (Supreme Court on AGR). After the court’s decision, shares of some telecom companies have seen a boom, while some are seeing a decline. Airtel Share Price has seen a rise of more than 7 percent. At the same time, shares of Vodafol Idea are falling. Reliance Communications shares are also seeing an environment of boom. Let us tell you that according to the decision of the Supreme Court, 10% of the total AGR will have to be paid now. The remaining amount will have to be paid in 10 years, which will start from 1 April 2021.

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Airtel shares rise
After one hour of the court’s decision i.e. 1 pm, Airtel’s stock was trading at Rs 550 with a gain of 35 rupees, trading around Rs 7. While the stock of the company opened around Rs 517 at Rs 517 this morning and closed at Rs 513.95 on Monday. Airtel shares have seen a boom after the Supreme Court’s decision.

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RCom’s share also rose
On the other hand, shares of RCom have also seen a boom. When the Supreme Court order came, the company’s stock was trading at Rs 2.53 with a gain of 5 per cent. Whereas today, the company’s stock opened at Rs 2.29. While the stock of the company closed at Rs 2.41 on Tuesday.

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Vodafone Idea shares fall
While the shares of Vodafone Idea are falling. Vodafone Idea shares are seeing a decline of around 13 per cent at 1.30 pm. The company’s stock is currently trading at Rs 8.91, down by Rs 1.28. Whereas the company’s stock opened at Rs 10.80 today. While the company’s stock closed at Rs 10.19 on Monday.

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Which company owes how much AGR
If we talk about AGR dues, then Airtel owes a total of Rs 21,682 crore. At the same time, Vodafone owes Rs 19823 crore and Idea owes Rs 8485 crore. AGR’s total outstanding on RCom is Rs 16,456 crore. The AGR outstanding on Aircel is Rs 7852 crore. However, some PSU companies have AGR dues on which the Supreme Court has given relief.


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