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Agent X Watch – A bit of metal for the tough ones


Who doesn’t feel intrigued about hearing an agent story? Agents – who we perceive to be the representatives of the style, suspense bold and action. But, little do we realize that we are agents of our lives which are all about slapstick and cynic action that makes us lose track of time. But, you don’t require a watch that is diamond – encrusted or has 16 dials. The important thing is that it should be in sync with the lifestyle. Say you are a corporate person or a party lover or a socialite – Agent X got the right kind of watch for you. Yeah, we agree you got a phone to tell the time but a watch is an attitude you carry on your wrist plus it says you are punctual. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a phone over a watch, but it still is an integral part of your manly style. With such a rush of your life, the only thing you need is to keep track of is the time encased in chrome.

Agent X is inspired by the style, action, and charisma shown by our all time favourite secret agents (James Bond of course!) and aims to deliver the same in its men’s fashion watches. Agent X watches are defined by sophistication and glamour all blended in a combination of art, design, and creativity – something that is unique to Agent X.

Each watch is a beautiful quartz masterpiece. A custom made X dial is the signature of the collection. It’s nice leather strap, and stainless steel body make it suitable for any situation. The surface is finished with several stages of polished efforts. Some hours and details go into creating a beautiful watch. Changing one feature leads to changing ten other things. Quality control is an integral part of watch making at Agent X and deals with hundredths of the millimetre for giving you that accuracy.

Agent X watches use Miyota which is the most popular wristwatch movement brand from Japan. Being a quartz watch it provides you great accuracy and moreover, it requires very fewer maintenance efforts. Their sleek design further adds to your style. Since these watches don’t have many moving parts, they are quite durable. So if you are looking for a low – maintenance and practical watch, this might be the right one for you.

The watches are available under two beautiful collections of watches – Le Charme Fatal and La Vitesse Fatale. The former was launched in 2010. This collection has been designed on the covert spy – theme which makes these humorously designed devices more fascinating. The other collection, i.e., the La Vitesse Fatale showcases a unique combination of the spy theme and glamour quotient that makes this collection ideal for social meetings and parties apart from office wear.

Website: http://www.agentxwatch.com/

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