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After this announcement by the government, the shares of the gas company filled the investors in two days.


new Delhi. Shares of gas companies have been witnessing a spurt since Tuesday after the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) announced a unified tariff. Especially in the shares of GAIL i.e. Gas Authority of India Limited. Talking of 2:30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, the shares of the company have jumped up to 15%. Even in both these business days, the market cap of the company has increased by more than Rs 8100 crore. Let us also tell you how many rupees are being traded in Gail shares today.

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GAIL shares rose more than 6 percent
Today, for the second consecutive day, GAIL shares are seeing a rise of more than 6 percent. Currently, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 117.75 per share, up 6.41 percent. While the company’s stock opened at Rs 111 and reached an all-day high of Rs 120.35. Let us tell you that the company’s stock closed at Rs 110.80 on Tuesday.

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More than 15 percent rise in two days
The market was closed on Monday. The stock of the company has been witnessing a boom since Tuesday. So far, the company’s shares have seen a 15 per cent rise on Tuesday and Wednesday. The company’s stock closed at Rs 102.50 on Friday. While today the company’s stock reached 120.35 rupees. In such a situation, you can guess that the company has benefited a lot.

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8100 crore increase in market cap of the company
At the same time, the company’s market cap has also increased significantly. When the market closed on November 27, the company’s market cap was around Rs 46,116.20 crore. Whereas when the share price of the company came to Rs 120.35, the market cap of the company came to around Rs 54279.55 crore. That is, the market cap of the company increased by Rs 8163.35 crore during these two days.

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Declaration of Unified Tariff
The Unified Tariff was announced by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory. This will set the gas pipeline tariff annually. With this, the gas pipeline tariff was divided into 2 zones. The tariff of Zone 1 will be 40% of Zone 2. Zone 1 will cover part of the first 300 kilometers. Thereafter the unified tariff on the current volume will be 57 / MMBtu. There is no information about how long the new rules will apply.


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