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After Sonu Nigam, Ranbir Shorey revealed, said – industry artists are in big trouble


After the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, many artists have started coming forward and are talking to their people. There is a lot of discussion on big stars and big production houses in Bollywood that do not allow small artists to move forward. Now in such a situation, Ranbir Shourie, working in Sonchireya with Sushant Singh Rajput, surprised everyone by saying that this time is very bad and he does not know what will happen now.

He said that all of us artists are in a lot of trouble due to the lockdown because the work has not been received for many months and the work that was going to be done in the coming months is still not known. He said that the time to come is going to bring even more trouble, so everyone will have to work with courage. With this, he talked about the nepotism that flourished in the industry and said that in the beginning I did a good job in many big films thinking that by seeing my work, these people will get me the lead role, but as time passed I understood That it is a big club and you will never be a part of it. So I started doing short films.

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Sonam Kapoor also in the battle of nepotism, said- Yes I became part of the industry because of Papa Anil Kapoor and I consider myself lucky

Ranveer further says that I know that when I get out of the house, people will not surround my car and start making noise for photos, but my own work will go on. It has happened many times that I did not get any work for two years and I had to sit at home but I waited and will do it further.

Ranbir is in discussion these days due to his film ‘Kharak’ released on Sony Live. This is a murder mystery and he also has actors like Kalki Koechlin and Shruti Seth with him.

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