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After Parliament, now railway stations will be rejuvenated, Tata can command


new Delhi. After the Parliament House, preparations have been started to renovate New Delhi Railway Station and Mumbai Central as well. As per the master plan, the map of New Delhi Railway Station and surrounding 5 lakh square meter area and Mumbai Central and surrounding 2.6 lakh square meter area will be completely changed. Apart from Tata Projects, the names of Adani Group, GMR Group, Encourage Infrastructure, State and Railway Company, SNFC companies have emerged for its responsibility. Of which, the main claim is visible to Tata. Let me tell you that recently Tata Projects have been responsible for the rejuvenation of Parliament. By the way, any company can get the responsibility of railway stations.

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New Delhi railway station will be something like this
– The last date for the bid of New Delhi railway station is 6 November from RLDA.
Railways wants to re-develop the station by 2025.
– Delhi railway station will be made a world class one stop destination.
– Retail outlets will be opened around the station.
– There will be facilities such as special space for office, hospitality space, 5 star hotel, budget hotel, service apartment.
– All these will be built in an area of ​​30 acres around the station.
– This area will be about 5 lakh square meters.

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The map of Mumbai Central will also change
Apart from Mumbai Central Station, the surrounding 2.6 lakh square meter area will be developed tourism and commercially.
– Railways hope that it will get a good bid, as private players will get a discount for 60 years.
– Companies are expected to get good returns on investment.
After completion of this project, it will take 4 years to complete.
– Around 6500 crores will be spent for the development of both stations.


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