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After Diwali, common people have increased trouble, gas cylinder prices have increased 7 times


New Delhi. The middle class of the country is not taking the name of the difficulties being reduced. The increase in the price of domestic gas cylinders started after Diwali, it is no longer taking a stand. It has increased 2 times in the month of December, once in January, three times in February and again in March. That is, during this period there has been a 7 increase in the price of domestic gas cylinders. According to the data, since then, the price of domestic gas cylinders has increased by Rs 225. Let us also tell you how much the price of gas cylinder has become.

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The price of gas cylinders has become so much
According to information received from IOCL, the price of gas cylinder has again increased on March 1. According to the data, in the four metropolises of the country, gas has been sold at Rs 819 in Delhi, Rs 845.5 in Kolkata, Rs 819 in Mumbai and Rs 835 per Chennai in Chennai. This has already been increased three times in the month of February.

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225 rupees has been increased
In November, the price of a domestic gas cylinder in the country’s capital Delhi was Rs 594. From December till now, there has been an increase in the price 7 times. The price of gas cylinder has increased by Rs 225 per cylinder in Delhi, the capital of the country. While Kolkata has also seen an increase of Rs 225, Mumbai Rs 225 and Chennai also Rs 225.

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Prices have reached pre covid level
Domestic gas cylinder prices have reached pre covid. Nearly all year highs are running. The last time the price of domestic gas cylinder reached beyond Rs 800 was on 12 February 2020. On that day, the price of a gas cylinder in Delhi has reached Rs 858.50, Rs 896 in Kolkata, Mumbai Rs 829.50 and Rs 881 in Chennai. After that there was a decline in the price of domestic gas cylinders till July.


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