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After divorcing from Neelima Azim, Pankaj Kapoor told how he re-entered Shahid Kapoor’s life


Actor Shahid Kapoor shares special bonding with father Pankaj Kapoor. But this was not the case earlier. Pankaj Kapoor gave the award to Neelima Azim when Shahid was only three years old. Pankaj Kapoor spoke openly about his and Shahid’s relationship in a recent interview. He also told how he re-entered Shahid’s life after divorcing from Neelima Azim.

Shahid Kapoor said in a conversation with Hindustan Times in 2015 that I was only three years old when father Pankaj Kapoor divorced his mother Neelima Azim. I was a small but not insecure child. I never felt myself insecure. I and my father Pankaj worked hard to save our bond and relationship. Tried to keep it positive, healthy and simple. Many times Papa used to say that he wants to settle outside Mumbai. Want to live a good life About 5-10 years. And I did not like it. They are an important part of my life.

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Pankaj Kapoor says that it is very difficult to explain this as Shahid said. It is very difficult for a father to separate from the son. For me it was an emotional loss. And I started living in the hope that there will come a time when both of us will share a good bonding. Both will be able to come close to each other. And today I feel quite proud sitting with my son. It is a pleasure to see his work and it is comforting to see his bond with the family.

After Divorce from Neelima, I used to miss Shahid every day. After 18, Shahid started spending more time with me. After that we started going on holiday together with family. By doing this, our bond became stronger. Especially when we shifted to a new house together.

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