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Adnan Sami said about lockdown- does not want to have bitter memories in daughter’s life


Right now the whole country is troubled by the corona virus. Adnan Sami is currently worried about his daughter. Adnan said, ‘We should take full care of our children at this time. We should take full care of them mentally and physically. ‘

Adnan said, ‘We don’t talk much about children. Children watch online videos in which children are playing outside, so they wonder why we cannot go outside. At this age they have a lot of energy inside them which they have to take out.

Adnan further said, ‘The time that is going on will pass. But I do not want my children to have bitter memories in their lives. We are therefore giving full time to our daughter. Taking full care of him.

Adnan said that apart from taking care of the daughter, he is also focusing on his music. These days he is composing songs and writing lyrics. However, he was very upset at the beginning of the lockdown. He said, ‘I could not understand what to do. After this I gradually handled this situation.

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When Adnan was asked, do you feel safe in India…

At an event a few days ago, Adnan was asked that Aamir Khan says that he does not feel safe in India, do you and what is your opinion about CAA? So Adnan said, “As a Muslim I feel safe in India.”

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