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Aaj ka Gold Price: Gold is increasing rapidly in silver price, keep these special things in mind while shopping for Diwali-Dhanteras


new Delhi. On the one hand, the festivals boom, on the other hand due to the rising prices of silver, its direct effect is clearly seen on shopping. And now the festivals of Dhanteras are also coming closer and on this day gold and silver shopping in India is done in full swing. The crowds of customers are already overflowing in the market and in this situation the prices of gold and silver have risen sharply. In such a situation, if you are thinking about buying gold and silver jewelery, then you should pay special attention to some things.

Since November 1, there has been a sudden rapid bounce hit with falling gold prices continuously. Now since last, the price of gold has increased by more than two thousand rupees. And right now it is expected to increase prices more. In such a situation, if you are going to buy gold ornaments or gold coins etc. during this festival, then you should take some caution so that your money looks right.

Check for purity- First of all, buy gold and silver from the bank or any bullion market, but remember, you can return the gold bought from the shop again, but you cannot return the gold purchased from the bank. So whenever you shop for gold, do not forget to check gold purity. Let me tell you that you can find out the purity of gold by looking at the hall mark. .

Always pay attention to Hallmark whenever you buy gold from Baja. If you are buying 24 karat gold, then it is 999 and if you are buying 22 karat gold, it bears the hallmark of 916. Be sure to check out Hallmark as well as BSI’s Tikona Mark.

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