6 Things about NASA’s new discovery of 7 Earth-sized planets


US space agency NASA scientists have claimed about finding another solar system. These are Earth-sized Seven Planet. NASA claimed that among seven three has possibilities of life and can have the ocean on these planets. Here’s what the scientist of NASA claimed the possibilities of life on these newly discovered planets.

These planets are the size of Earth
NASA tweeted that is a new record. Residential zone outside our solar system around stars. Seven new planets the size of Earth are found. Spitzer Space Telescope found that they are as big as the planet Earth in size and can be expected to have a residential zone.

Possibility of existence of Aliens
NASA scientists claim that this three planet have a sea. NASA also claimed that there are chances of water as on earth. Every possibility of the existence of Aliens.

How these Planet Works?
Seven planets in the new solar system have the size of Earth. These planets move around Trappist-1 in the orbit. Six of 7 Planet has the temperature ranging from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

What is the USP?
Years on this three Planet is of 4, 6 and 9 days. Which means all three the planets takes 4, 6 and 9 days to complete the orbit around the sun (The Trappist). These three are the part from Planet Earth. Dr Chris Copperwheat leading this team from NASA said: “The discovery has boosted the possibilities of life in the universe beyond Earth in the future.”

How important is this Discovery
Discovery of these new group of planets has been described as the greatest discoveries in the world of science. The new solar system is 39 light years away from Earth (378 million km). However, it’s may take more than a decade to explore these planets and find the existence of life.

What is the composition of these planets?
These newly discovered solar systems have the smallest Sun Trappist-1 around which these planets revolves. Trappist is slightly larger than Jupiter in our solar system. The light from the sun is 200 times less. Scientists estimate that when the fuel will end in the sun then Earth will be destroyed. But this planet will exist. Trappist hydrogen gas is burning slowly. Which means it will exist 700 times higher than the current age of the universe to do.

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