5 Facts You Need To Know About The Reigning Miss USA 2017 – Kara Mccullough


Who says beauty pageants are all about beauty? Well, this year’s Miss USA Kara Mccullough from the District Of Columbia has a resume that will put a rest to all these allegations. Over the years beauty pageants have garnered a lot of hate from people for its racist, sexist and misogynist nature. People argued that only ‘beauties’ were crowned as ‘queens’, and there was no place for brains in a beauty pageant. People are of the view that a beauty queen can’t talk about social issues or issues of public relevance.

Well, we have Kara to prove everyone wrong. Kara, who was crowned as Miss USA 2017 two days ago is indeed a beauty with brains and has proven it. The judges were astounded with her replies, and we couldn’t help being awestruck too. The fact that she doesn’t identify herself as a ‘feminist’ but as an ‘equalist’ may have ruffled a few feathers, but nevertheless, she has certainly proven why she is where she is today.

  1. Kara Mccullough is a scientist at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.McCullough - Miss USA 2017
  2. She has a degree in Chemistry with a concentration on radiochemistry from the prestigious South Carolina State University.Miss USA 2017
  3. While most models and pageants choose to straighten their hair for endorsements and ramp shows, she wore her hair with natural curls during the Miss USA pageant.Miss USA 2017 From DC
  4. She is a part and funds an outreach program science program for children.
  5. The Reigning Miss USA Is Also From DCMiss USA 2017 from DC

Well now that you know, next time you meet a pageant winner, you might want to keep your judgements to yourself and not discount someone by their choices. Beauty pageants have empowered millions of women across the globe. Let’s hope they continue doing so.

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