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5 benefits of investing in PPF, if you know, you will invest in it


new Delhi : One of the most popular of the Government of India is the PPF i.e. public provident fund account. PPF account should not be thought about that one should put money in it only once a year but if it is invested with bringing a lot, then it You can have a great part of your financial portfolio that you can benefit from in the future. If you do not yet take the PPF investment (INVEST IN PPF) serially or just to do it, then today we will tell you some of the benefits of this account, after knowing that you will invest consciously in this account consciously.

Better interest rate (interest rate on ppf) – The interest rate on a PPF account has always been 7 to 8 percent. The central government amends it every quarter, depending on the economic situation of the country, it can be reduced or increased if this year. Talking about the interest rate on PPF for the quarter of June 2020 is 7.1%. Compare this interest rate with the interest on other banks, then you will understand why investment in PPF account is better.

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Tax rebateYou can also save tax under section 80c of IT Act by investing in PPF account. Under this scheme you can save tax of up to Rs 1.5 lakh, both interest earned and maturity amount earned in PPF are exempted from tax.

Security –The investment made under PPF account provides complete security on the investment, it is guaranteed on the interest earned, which makes it more secure than the bank’s interest.

Loan facility (Loan Against PPF) – The biggest thing is that you can also get a loan on PPF Investment if needed. It is more special for those who want to apply for a short term loan.

Period extension (PPf Account Extention) – Subscribers can invest in this scheme for just 15 years but if you want, you can extend it up to 5 years after maturity.


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