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403 Infra Projects in the country have increased burden of Rs 4 lakh crore


new Delhi. According to the latest report released by the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, 403 infrastructure projects with a budget of Rs 150 crore or more in the country have an additional Rs 4 lakh crore due to delays. The burden of more than rupees has increased. This means that due to the timely completion of projects, their budget has increased. According to the ministry, there are other reasons besides delay. This includes not being able to acquire land on time. Let us also tell you what kind of figures have been presented by the ministry.

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Data released by the Ministry
– Number of total projects related to infra in the country 1686.
– Delayed work in about 530 projects.
– Budget of 403 projects has been increased.
The original budget of 1,686 projects was Rs 20,66,771.94 crore.
Currently, the budget of these projects is estimated to be Rs 24,71,947.66 crore.
– That is, there has been an increase of Rs 4,05,175.72 crore in the original budget.

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Know what is the cost
By March 2020, there has been an expenditure of Rs 11,20,696.16 crore on these projects.
– That is, 45.34 percent of the total budget has been spent.
According to the Ministry, according to the time limit, the number of late projects is expected to come to 452.
– Of 530 projects running at 155, average delay of up to 12 months.
– An average delay of 24 months is seen in 114 projects.
– An average delay of up to 60 months in 148 projects.
– Delay of more than 61 months is seen in 113 projects.

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What is the reason for the delay in these projects
– Delay in land acquisition.
– No approval of Environment and Forest Department.
– Lack of infrastructure.
– Delay in financing the project.
– Changes in the probability of projects.
– Delay in tender process.
– Delay contracting.
– Delay in delivery of project equipment.
– Delay in changing land use.


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