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Mohith Agadi, a social media influencer, chosen to represent India at United Nations

According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the world population is increasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate. However, the good news is that the youth population is largest at this point of time.

The youth today is optimistic and aware of the practical problems and it, therefore, paves the path for emerging innovators and young and enthusiastic global leaders.

Although the government is striving hard to tackle these problems and seek solutions for the same, the young leaders are all set to shoulder the responsibilities on their own.

One such noteworthy leader and social media influencer is Mohith Agadi, the founder of the ‘Initiative 17’.

Initiative 17 spearheaded a movement that provided students, young leaders, and innovators to voice their concerns over the environment and suggest solutions for sustainable and holistic development.

Agadi works as a digital marketing consultant and is a strong advocator of issues such as human rights and climate change. With a social media base of 200k followers, he is prepped up to represent India at the 20th session of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, New York.

He had also been working toward The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) “#ZeroHunger” campaign and has been successful in driving mass attention towards the cause of the campaign. He had received accolades for the same.

He emphasises on the necessity for the youth to undertake effective measures to reverse the damage inflicted upon the environment.

Agadi was profoundly inspired by the statement delivered by H.E. Peter Thomson, President of the 71st session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, “Young people must be empowered with the education, knowledge, skills, and opportunity to participate as contributors, innovators, and pacesetters in sustainable development efforts for the betterment of this world.”

 This edition of the United Nations Youth Conference is scheduled for 9th – 12th August 2017. The Republic of Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Portugal, the three Permanent Missions to UN have been chosen to co-organize the conference. The primary focus of the conference will be on creating sustainable solutions for economic, social, and environmental facets of today’s world.

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