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Donald Trump Issues New Visa Ban Drops Iraq From List

The Trump Administration has issued a new order regarding Travel Visa Ban in the US. According to this, the new visa will not be issued to those coming from six Muslim-majority countries. But those who already have a visa or green card will not be banned. Iraq has got the relief from the new order.

Relief to Iraq
This new order of Trump administration will apply to those coming from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.
In the order issued in January, Iraq was also placed on this list. But now Iraq is not on this list.

New order will be implemented from March 16
Measure have been taken to avoid the inconvenience which was caused at the airport last time, all the agencies have been given ten days, and this new order will be applicable from March 16. The last time people who had visa and green card were also being stopped. After that, there was a lot of ruckus in the whole world.

Restriction will be applicable for 90 days
Under this order, these restrictions will be applicable for up to 90 days, and during this time the information provided by each country included in the list will be examined as to how much of those are correct. After that, those countries will be given more than 50 days to improve their process of collecting information.

The court had imposed a ban on the first order
President Trump had issued the order first in January, But the court had banned the order, and now this order has been issued again, after the removal of legal complications. The Homeland Security or Home Minister of the United States said: “These rules will protect the United States and it will be effective in removing the worries about our immigration system.”

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