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Pepsi and Coca Cola Faces Traders Bycott in TamilNadu

Chennai: While various states in the country are demanding the ban of liquor, Tamilnadu has begun boycotting of soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Pepsi and Coca-Cola are literally facing Ban in Tamilnadu. The boycott is by the small shopkeepers and the Trade Unions. Many big and small stores have begun the removal Soft drinks.

According to reports, the Trade Unions has started the boycott to prevent foreign goods and promote domestic goods. They also allege that the companies are wasting the state’s water. Confirming this, the Tamil Nadu Trade Union president Vikram Raja said the drinks are not good for health because some of these contain chemicals and so we have decided to boycott them.

Sources also say that the ban on Pepsi and Coca-Cola is due to Jallikattu issue. PETA, a foreign organisation was majorly involved for the ban of Jallikattu. The ban on Jallikattu was later revoked due to protest in the whole state. The vendors also started to withdraw the stock, which has already reached the stores.

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The traders union in protest against foreign brands have started public awareness campaign from March 1 among the union members and the general public. 20 million shoppers are connected with 9 Trade Unions in the state. Most of these have decided not to sell the soft drinks. However, supermarkets and hotels would continue to sell soft drinks.

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