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Airtel Announces Free Roaming Across India

To compete with RJio (Reliance JIO) the new plans can be said as part of telecom companies. Today Airtel has declared free roaming throughout the country. With this, the company has made international roaming also completely free. The plan will be applicable from the new fiscal year (April 1, 2017). It is believed that to take on Reliance Jio which is giving a strong competition Airtel has released this offer to its users.

Not only calls but also SMS will also be roaming free. Bharti Airtel said in a statement “National roaming will not have any additional charges. Additional charges will not be realised on mobile data as well. This announcement comes at a time when Reliance Jio has implemented tariff plan from April 1 which has free voice calling and No fee on national roaming.

Bharti Airtel MD and CEO, Gopal Vittal said “We have decided to end roaming across the country. With this, the customer will be able to receive calls and make the calls while in roaming without hesitation. He added, “Airtel has once again set the benchmark.”

Analysts also said some days ago that with the introduction of tariff plan from Reliance Jio, competitors will get some relief to maintain their existing customer and they will have to offer some data benefits to keep them. JP Morgan magazine reported that this battle will lead to declining the stock market in the telecom sector while the customers will receive higher data at lower prices. The report from JP Morgan magazine also stated that the current companies must prepare their data packs considering its competitors JIO and propose accordingly to stay with their existing customers.

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