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WhatsApp Stories Feature is Live; See How Cool is New Update.

  • WhatsApp updated with WhatsApp Stories Feature
  • WhatsApp got new design

WhatsApp which has Crossed 1 billion marks and recently have been aggressively updating the features on its App. WhatsApp has introduced so many new updates after the major release of video calling features. Such as Snapchat like image editing feature, new emojis, group invite link or playing the audio in the background while switching over another app.

Once again WhatsApp is rolling it’s another major update called WhatsApp Stories. This feature is similar to Instagram stories or Snapchat Stories. But with WhatsApp, this features has been taken to the next level. With the new update, WhatsApp has the new design with two new option in the menu. Read: WhatsApp Gives New Year Gift with These Two Updates

WhatsApp Stories feature

Status and camera icon added newly while the contacts are being replaced by setting or the icon in the bottom. The combination images, gif or a video can also be added to status/stories update.

WhatsApp stories status update
WhatsApp stories status update


The WhatsApp Stories feature or status update will also let you know who viewed your stories as well as it will give you the control of who you want to see or share it.That is WhatsApp Stories feature came with status privacy setting option as well.

WhatsApp Stories UpdateWhatsApp Stories Setting

What’s else in WhatsApp Stories Feature?

WhatsApp Status menu not only lets you update your stories but it also gives you update about your friend, friend or anyone in your contact list who update their stories.WhatsApp stories


The status menu will show the timeline of stories updates of your contacts. While viewing the stories of your contacts it also let you reply to their stories.

WhatsApp Stories

The App update is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Stories feature is available under the version 2.17.18 in Android.

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