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10 Great Facts About ISRO’s Record Satellite Launch

Andhra Pradesh: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has succeeded another milestone today. ISRO has created a new record by launching 104 satellite with PSLV-C37. This space mission by ISRO will make a significant presence of India in the world.

On 9 hrs 28 mins ISRO launched 104 satellites through PSLV-C37. So far, Russia had the record of sending most satellites in the space. Earlier Russia had achieved the milestone by launching 37 satellites simultaneously. In June 2015, ISRO proved its capability by launching 23 satellites at a time.

10 Great Facts About ISRO’s Record Satellite Launch.

  • The primary satellite of the mission is Cartosat-2 series is the series first which is 714kg and is similar to other satellites.
  • Along with the two satellites of ISRO and other 101 international superfine (nano) satellites to be launched, which also has a total weight of 664 kilogrammes.
  • 96 American and one each satellite from Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates are present.
  • San Francisco-based company has launched 88 small satellite with ISRO on this mission.
  • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle developed by India is the most trusted rocket of ISRO. Its the39th mission of PSLV-C37 rocket in this category.
  • So far, 38 missions have been carried out with the help of PSLV.
  • Cartosat-2 series satellite will come into use for observation of the Earth.
  • The two nano satellites INS-1A and INS-1B are also placed in orbit.
  • ISRO has used the heaviest version of PSLV in the mission. PSLV-37 weighing 320 tonnes, height 44.4 meters.
  • 88 small satellites would also be used to capture the photos of the earth.
  • ISRO’s this rocket has the height of a 15-storey building.

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