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Rahul Gandhi said, Modi Kept Our Trash in His Party

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are vigorously waging the war of words during the campaigning for elections in Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Modi and Rahul are attacking each other fiercely. Rahul Gandhi did a road show in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar while Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Srinagar.

Narendra Modi in Srinagar also hit out at Rahul Gandhi, and so Rahul Gandhi also gave it back fiercely to Modi in Haridwar road show. However today there was a different view at Rahul Gandhi’s road show Modi slogans, and BJP flags waved at Rahul Gandhi’s road show. Suddenly hundreds of BJP supporters arrived at Rahul Gandhi’s road show and started shouting Modi slogan Although Rahul welcomed them and greeted everyone by waving his hands.

During the road show, Rahul Gandhi called his ex-party members, who quit the Congress party as trash, He said, “We picked up garbage and thrown them out of the party, and Modiji took all the garbage in their party. I do not understand a thing that Modiji speak against corruption and black money, but then give the ticket to the candidates on whom a dozen cases of corruption are pending.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fiercely attacked Rahul Gandhi at a public meeting in Srinagar. Modi said, on March 11, fantastic results will come, and on March 12 Congress will be the former party. Narendra Modi said the Congress government had opposed the formation of a separate state of Uttarakhand. Referring to the prospects of tourism in Uttarakhand PM said. “Everyone wants to come to Uttarakhand; everyone wants to do Chardham yatra”. We will make the state so that all Bollywood movie will be shooting in the streets of Uttarakhand. There is no better placing than the Uttarakhand for Adventure Tourism.

Shahrukh Ahmed

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