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Dr. Arani propose New Effective Method of HPV Treatment

Arani in the lab
Dr Arani in the lab – Copyright (GTN)

Dr Arani Basal Cell Removal (BCR) method to treat HPV-related growth was introduced in 2007 as 3 step microsurgical destruction technical procedure approach and has helped thousands of patients with persistent and complicated warts from all over the world to live without HPV-related growth today. Dr Arani is the author of HPV, The Silent Intruder.

Dr Arani proposing all new classification of external genital HPV infection This classification and recommendation is made to observe further and control the spreading of HPV infection in the patient. According to Dr Arani: The higher stage of genital HPV infection the more aggressive treatment method and follow-up might be needed by the clinician. While stage I might benefited from conservative treatment, patient with stage IV, usually benefit from more aggressive or invasive treatment and follow-up. Patient with higher stage has a higher chance to develop anal warts then that would involve annual anal Pap smear to screen for possible malignant or precancerous transformation.

HPV is the most common STD in the world, and multilateral approach has been taken to treat genital and anal related HPV infection present itself as warts. Siavash Arani did an observational study. On 311 random patients who were treated by his method of microsurgical removal approach called BCR (basal cell removal). Patients were both male and female, but the number of men was significantly higher. They had different sexual preference and majority had other treatment attempt session with various methods such as freezing, topical application and laser. They all had tissue biopsy confirming the diagnosis of genital / Anal warts. Out of 311 patients (309) 99.3% patients experienced no recurrence on treated targeted individual wart, in other word none of the same treated individual lesions grew back. Two had the recurrence on same individual growth which was treated successfully subsequently. This would make Dr Arani method of BCR of treating genital anal warts at greater than 99% success rate on same individual warts which were treated. This study would not include all new growth in the new area that was not treated with BCR. A surgical microscope was used to detect the much smaller less detectable warts which yield superior prognosis than non-microscopic approach. This observation would place BCR method as the most efficient technique to eradicate HPV-related growth. This was significantly higher than another method such as laser treatment which has been recorded as 20-40 success according to WebMD.


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