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Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc. – Appoints New Leader

Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc., (G.P.B., Inc.) an industry leader in the field of portable structure fabricating, continues to improve its excellent standards for the future by making necessary upgrades to the operational body. Over more than twenty-five years, G.P.B., Inc. has proven the effectiveness of its innovative solutions that are highly sensitive to market trends. It has established a solid reputation in the industry for its superior quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

One of the missions of G.P.B., Inc. is to deliver exceptional quality at a very affordable rate. It is this mission that has been one of the main reasons it has achieved its success for the past twenty-six years. As a business that realizes the importance of innovation and adaptation, G.P.B., Inc. has at times made necessary upgrades to its organizational business structure whenever there is a requirement. Proving this characteristic once again, G.P.B., Inc. has appointed a new general manager with the expertise to strengthen the company’s operational structure.

Greg AndrewsAlthough Greg Andrews, the new general manager of Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc., is new to the position, he is a veteran in the industry. Under G.P.B., Inc. itself, Greg has gained more than ten years of working experience. Presently, he plays the most critical role for the organization by handling all the sales related operations, customer services and inventory control. In addition to that, Greg is responsible for looking after all the aspects related to local building deliveries. Combined, these areas form the backbone of G.P.B., Inc. emphasizing the importance of the role of Greg Andrews.

In view of Greg’s responsibilities as general manager, his previous twenty-three years of experience in the sales and customer service fields will prove to be an asset for years to come. Greg’s long career has proven him capable in problem solving skills while mastering customer handling procedures. He was previously employed at one of the largest metal building component companies in the U.S. as a sales and customer service manager, sharpening his career while delivering outstanding results. He has mastered the types of customer service requirements that have developed lasting solutions. Because of all these characteristics, inclusion of Greg Andrews as the new general manager of the team at G.P.B., Inc. is really a perfect match.

As per Greg’s perspective, a successful business is all about identifying the customer needs precisely and offering them the best solutions. Interestingly, this particular perspective matches effortlessly with the mission and vision of G.P.B., Inc. Considering this perfect value addition, the inclusion of Greg Andrews as the General Manager. Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc. is poised to offer more customer-friendly, innovative and high quality solutions for clients for another twenty-five years.

No matter how superior the quality of products and services offered; if any business wishes to stay thrive in today’s competitive markets, it is important for them to adapt to the current market trends and serve customer needs. However, if any business intends to secure a prominent place in the competition other than just staying alive, certain tactical movements are compulsory. Recruiting Greg Andrews as the new General Manager seems to be an effective tactical decision made by Georgia Portable Buildings, Inc. to stay ahead in the competition quite confidently.

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