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Apple Macbook Air to be revamped with 15 inch screen size

New report from Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News reveals that Apple MacBook Air will be a combination of lighter, thinner models with 15 inch screens. A 13 and a 15 inch screen version of Apple MacBook will be launched at the yearly Worldwide Developer Conference the following year.

The improvement will not only be reflected on the physical appearance but will also have an inner metal chassis, better battery life, cooling modules as well as a fully redesigned system. The manufacturer will be a Taiwanese original design manufacturer, Quanta.

As per the reports, both the models of Apple, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro would fall under similar categories if it changes the 11 inch screen version of the MacBook Air. Presently, Air comes as an 11 inch and 13 inch version and Pro comes as a 13 and 15 inch screen size version. Nevertheless, the report puts forth certain doubts about accuracy and the chances of eventual merging of the features of both the models from Apple.

In case Apple launches the new MacBook Air series in 2016, Mac’s Ben Lovejoy puts forward practical reasons as to why Air and Pro models would merge. He also mentions that the launch of MacBook of 12-inch in March 2015, made the Air series kind of repetitive as it was sleeker with a sharper screen and also of higher price.

He also claims that, if Pro were to get slimmer, then there was no point in continuing the MacBook Air lineup.

One has to wait and watch till WWDC, if Apple launches redesigned MacBook Air model laptops. The launch is about to be held in the coming year’s June.

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