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British Airways Fails to Recognise Sachin Tendular; Gets Trolled

British Airways faced the wrath of Sachin Tendulkar and his fans when it asked Sachin for his full name. It all began when Sachin tweeted about the disappointing service of British Airways and the trouble he and his family had to encounter as his luggage was tagged to a wrong destination.

sachin tendulkar ‏@sachin_rt:

Viewing Sachin’s comment, the airline’s customer executive asked Sachin his full name. The airline company posted:

British Airways ‏@British_Airways:

Sachin is currently in Los Angeles for the finals of Cricket All-Stars T20 match.

The following are a few tweets made by the furious fans of Sachin Tendulkar:

Birju Bhatt ‏@bhatt_birju:
@British_Airways @sachin_rt just send it to India with name on it. it will reach to his home.. Only Sachin Tendulkar, India. That is enough.

rohit ‏@rohit_sunny77:
@sachin_rt  Dear British airways the full name is GOD…

sagar singh ‏@sasi4049:
#NeveronBA British airways is fan of Maria sarapova and great Idea of advertising by humalating sachin.great brand advertisement

Shivam Agarwal ‏@agarwal1709:
That’s how you hurt the sentiment of people of country where Cricket is considered as religion, and @sachin_rt as its God. @British_Airways

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