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10 Things About The Jungle Book


It’s time to rejuvenate the little kid in you by watching the revitalized form of ‘The Jungle Book’. Directed by Jon Favreau, the film, released on Friday, will not take you to the early versions of ‘The Jungle Book’ or Mowgli as depicted previously. It’s a bona fide version of the jungle, apart from being adventurous, humourous and some real suggestions.


‘The Jungle Book’ is a tale showing how a man-cub, Mowgli, is brought up by a panther Bagheera and a pack of wolves headed by Akela. A female wolf Raksha showers Mowgli with the motherly affection he needed while growing and taught him manners and rules as well. Due to the lack of rains in the jungle, a water truce was announced. During the water truce time, tiger Sher Khan demanded the man-cub. And if not given, he would kill other animals.

In order to save Mowgli, the wolves and Bagheera decide to take him back to the village among the humans where he will be saved. However, as Bagheera and Mowgli get separated in the mid-way, Mowgli meets bear Baloo, who saves him from a snake Kaa, and King Louie, a giant ape.

Post his encounter with Louie, Mowgli learns that Akela had been killed by Sher Khan. In deep sorrow, he rushed back to confront Sher Khan and save other animals.

Well, from here, the ending is not important as it’s not hard to guess what would have happened.


  1. The computer generated imagery (CPI) to exhibit animals has worked remarkably for the film. The makers have shown the animals just the way they behave in real life. Their expressions and behavioural traits have been depicted very well.
  2. The film gives the viewers a stroll into the real jungle.
  3. Yes, the film contains a few thrilling scenes that can scare kids. Though undoubtedly the kids are brave enough to see such scenes, this cannot be taken granted for all kids. To some extent, censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani is not wrong in certifying that the children need to watch movie with their parents.
  4. ‘The Jungle Book’ has shown how the red flower (indicated to fire in the film) has been a threat for them. They fear the presence of it and prefer to stay away from it and humans hunting.
  5. It even shows how the jungle is getting affected due to low rains. It has made them suffer.
  6. The film has tried to instill fun elements like the chemistry between Baloo and Mowgli, Mowgli’s tricks of getting honey and learning to survive in the jungle.
  7. The action scenes done by Mowgli are commendable.
  8. With so much in the film, it still lacks the punch of being The Jungle Book. It was indeed adventurous but the thrill was missing. It had a blend of low and high reactions.
  9. It succeeds in acquainting people with the respect that animals share with each other.
  10. The voices behind the CPI also deserves applauds for executing everything quite well.

The film is a breather for children who have been waiting to watch a good film. For elders, the film deserves one time match to revive the memories of the old Mowgli.

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